The Slicked Up 9’s – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/10/18

Every year Musikfest has countless of free shows all around Bethlehem, there is literally something for everyone. Some of these are in tents, on a stage, or right on the street in downtown Bethlehem. One group that always plays Musikfest and always has a big following is The Slicked Up 9’s. The band originates from the Lehigh Valley area, but now members live elsewhere including out of state. However, whenever Musikfest comes around, you can guarantee they will be there for at least two performances. At this point, it wouldn’t be Musikfest if the Slicked Up 9’s didn’t perform. The Slicked Up 9’s play a range of music from blues, rock, jazz, and swing. Every song, let it be a cover or an original, is upbeat and you will see the majority of audience members dancing from the front of the band all the wat in the back. You will also find that the age of the audience varies greatly for it shows the true testament this band has. Their music can be found online, but in all honesty they can be seen and heard each year at Musikfest for a low price of free. Next time you are walking around with your Musikfest mug in hand, make sure to catch the Slicked Up 9’s in the act. You too will make sure to catch them every year after.

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