I Am The Avalanche / MakeWar – Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA – 12/9/18

It’s very rare when I Am The Avalanche plays shows, even rarer is when the original lineup plays the show, but that is what happened over a three day tour. Amityville, NY, Virginia Beach, VA, and Philadelphia, PA closed out 2018 with I Am The Avalanche shows that featured the original lineup. The Philadelphia date featured Brackish and MakeWar. Brackish wasn’t photographed due to arriving late, but MakeWar as always put on a great set. There aren’t that many three piece bands that put out quality music, but MakeWar is one that does. It seemed like MakeWar has been playing off the same albums for quite awhile, but that would change in 2019 when they announced at the show that they were putting out a new album. It would be 3 years since Developing A Theory Of Integrity, and well worth the wait. With the original line up in tow, I Am The Avalanche played almost every song off their debut self titled, which for a small place like Milkboy, those songs made it feel like the floor was going to cave in from the crowd. I Am The Avalanche are kings of sing alongs and the audience didn’t miss a word in singing them back. Again, even though Milkboy is a tiny venue, people still found a way to crowd surf to front to sing along with Vinnie. By midset one forgot how cold it was outside for the place was oozing with heat and sweat, a warning that this happens a lot at I Am The Avalanche shows. It was also during this time that Vinnie announced that I Am The Avalanche will be recording in 2019 for a new record. I Am The Avalanche always has massive gaps between albums, Vinnie jokingly said it is what they are known for, and it was time for some new tunes. However long it takes I Am The Avalanche to play new shows or put out new music is always an unknown, but what is known is when they do, it is always the best.

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