Catbite – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/8/21

Catbite ended their weekend long record release shows for Nice One at Bethlehem’s yearly free festival Musikfest. Their set for this show was scheduled for a hour and a half on the Zinzenplatz stage, and it almost seemed like an endurance test for them to play that long. After playing Friday and Saturday, would they have the energy to pull through this show? They did, and they filled their time playing at 100% and also every song they have. From their ep’s, splits, and full lengths all they had left to play was a few covers. Of course they also dragged some songs out in a dub version, but the crowd didn’t shrink away, it just kept getting bigger to eventually people coming in closer to sing along. I think if it came to it, their last resort would have been to play songs from Catlite, A Yee​-​Haw Version of Catbite self titled, or Catfite, A Hardcore Version of Catbite self titled. In all honestly, the Catlite version would’ve won over this crowd, the Catfite version not so much. Regardless, Catbite played everything they could under the hot Musikfest tent and their efforts didn’t go unnoticed for you can tell by the crowd they made new fans. Catbite’s sophomore album Nice One is a great ska record that will have you listening to it on repeat for months to come. Its not to late to jump on the bandwagon because this is just the beginning for Catbite and you can expect big things in the future for them.

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