Ace Enders / Pronoun / Carly Cosgrove – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – 7/24/21

With concerts coming back in full force, not many of them are being put on inside out of caution. However, the first show back inside wasn’t a loud shoulder to shoulder mosh pit show, but a quite acoustic one. Acoustic shows usually are just as exciting as a full band show because you hear your favorite songs still, but in a different and sometimes unrecognizable rendition. This could be said for the opener Carly Cosgrove. This local Philadelphia band has been slaying it all over basements and DIY spaces from Philadelphia to beyond. If you look up their music you’ll notice that they aren’t an acoustic act, and their shows don’t scream “everyone please be quite’. However, their songs acoustic would be the most interesting to hear, and they pulled it off perfectly, so much so they could’ve been billed as a different band. The trio was a full band, but instead of electric it was acoustic, upright bass, and muted drums. At times the vibes of the music was similar to Ben Folds Five, think of the song “Brick”, but the audience still sang back the words like they were in a basement except with more social distance. Carly Cosgrove is a band to check out now while they are still playing these DIY spaces, because the minute they grow out those spaces you will be kicking yourself saying I wish I experienced them that way than in bigger venues.

Alyse Vellturo, or better known as Pronoun, took the stage next. Pronoun just released a new album OMG I Made It, with hopes that this year she can promote it properly. For her set she didn’t go full acoustic, but just an electric guitar and on select songs her drum machine. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a musician use a drum machine, but it worked, reminded me of Philly musician Atom And His Package. Alyse did mention this was her first ever solo show also and she was just rolling with it, hence using the drum machine. The great thing about this show was the big difference in the way each artist executed their music, it was great seeing the difference. This show could’ve just been all acoustic like any other show, but I must compliment the booking agent. Who ever it was they put together a great creative lineup. Again acoustic shows are just as exciting as full band shows, and Pronoun did a great job making her set sound like a full band.

Ace Enders of the Early November closed out the night with what felt like an almost 2 hour set. Ace explained that this was his date night with his wife, but he also wanted to play music for everyone as long as he could. His extensive set included all the Early November favorites like “Ever So Sweet”, “Boxing Timelines”, and “I Want To Hear You Sad”, but he also included some deep cuts like “All We Ever Needed” and “Call Off The Bells”. He didn’t stop there though, Ace touched on a lot of solo material from I Can Make A Mess like “Old Man”, “Body Like Mind”, and “Gold Rush” which the album of the same name just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. Just like an Early November show, the crowd sang back to every song to where Ace probably could’ve just passed the mic around to the crowd than sing himself. As we hopefully move passed this COVID phase of our lives, shows like these are what we need to feel alive again. Being in a room, singing along with others to our favorite musicians is something we are all missing and this show is proof that we are slowly getting back to that.

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