The Color Fred / Sleep Cycles – Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA – 2/19/22

Opening the show was Familiar Things, but due to arrival, I was only able to catch the last few songs, but being local to the Philadelphia area, I am sure I will see them on another show. Following Familiar Things was the newest band from Philadelphia, Sleep Cycles. Featuring members of Promise of Redemption, An Honest Year, The Color Fred, and Tokyo Rose, Sleep Cycles not only blends their previous bands into this band, but also add their own twist. I should mention I toured with Tokyo Rose years ago and it great seeing bassist Chris Poulsen playing in a band again. For a young band and this only being their maybe 6th show, Sleep Cycles already have a good local following and honest stage presence. Young band doesn’t mean inexperience in this case. Playing everything off their debut E.P. Learning To Fall, it took me back to when I used to see bands like Hidden In Plain View and The Starting Line just starting out. You don’t realize it then, but you are seeing every song they have being performed and next thing you know they have a big following, more songs, and you think I was there in the beginning stages. Also, them playing with The Color Fred, you get to see Fred Mascherino sing his back up vocals on “Come On And Say It”. Fred also produced their E.P. which if you were thinking is this band good, there are plenty of reasons as it why they are good. Its rare a new band comes along and actually writes good, honest music, and Sleep Cycles is a band that checks those boxes. Definitely check out their debut E.P. and try and see one of their shows.

Fred Mascherino has taken The Color Fred out of retirement and has made it a full time band again. From releasing new songs almost every month, Sunday morning live stream acoustic jams, DJing multiple emo nights, Fred in the Shed You Tube videos, and on and on. This has probably been the busiest he’s ever been and he shows no slowing down. At the show he mentioned a new Color Fred album is coming, and since then it has been made official of April 1st. You can bet there will be probably be more shows and probably a more extensive setlist. For this show, Fred and company showcased the songs from Bend to Break, but the other half featured covers. Of course Terrible Things songs were played but also covered was INXS “Don’t Change” which showcased all the members of the band, acoustic Led Zeppelin “That’s The Way” and solo three Taking Back Sunday songs. Fred has been playing the Taking Back Sunday songs a lot more frequently, and it is really getting the crowd excited. Fred also looks excited to be playing shows again and taking his band out of retirement for good. It is also great to see Fred showcasing all his work, and it looks like it will keep growing, let just hope the new material doesn’t take another 15 years.

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