The Slicked Up 9’s – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/14/21

Even though they didn’t perform at the 2020 virtual Musikfest, the Slicked Up 9’s were back in front of Hotel Bethlehem for Musikfest 2021. Pulling double duty, the Slicked Up 9’s played on two days and each day was four hours of music. The August 14th performance featured some of their original songs and also plenty of covers to keep the crowd moving. Being in front of Hotel Bethlehem, the amount of people that walk by trying to get to their next beer fill or Aw Shucks corn, can’t help but stop and observe the Slicked Up 9’s. Their music isn’t just a time capsule of music from artists of the past, but their spin on it makes it sound fresh and new. Everyone of all ages can be seen dancing to the music regardless if this is their type of music because one, its danceable and two, Slicked Up 9’s are a very talented local band. Besides personal events, Slicked Up 9’s only play Musikfest and if you are at Musikfest in the future, make sure you catch one of their performances. If you can’t make it, just follow the link below to listen to their tunes.

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