All Time Low / Dashboard Confessional / Gnash – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/11/18

For the first time at Musikfest’s Main Stage on the South Side of Bethlehem, general admission/standing room was allowed and was the right decision for this show. The Summer Ever After Tour featuring All Time Low, Dashboard Confessional, and Gnash would’ve been fine with seating, but for both headliners their shows usually take fans into a place where everyone has arms around each other and singing as one. Having the general admission section definitely helped for fans fully enjoying the show. Gnash opened the show with his rock, hip hop, indie sound. With just signing with Atlantic and having multiple singles already, the crowd that showed up early sang along to every word. Those that weren’t familiar with Gnash’s material can be seen bobbing their head to his catchy and infectious music. For someone who came into the scene three years ago, Gnash is truly making a name for himself and tours like these are helping get his name out there to make him a household name.

It’s only been a year since Dashboard Confessional performed in Bethlehem, last year’s show was down the road at the Event Center, but this year is outside with the sun setting. Probably the best way to witness Dashboard Confessional. Since the last show in Bethlehem, the latest and long awaited album Crooked Shadows was released in which some of the songs were brought into the mix of the setlist. Just like every other Dashboard Confessional song, once the first note is played the crowd’s voice can be heard for miles. Playing through their most notable songs, Dashboard Confessional’s set truly was a dream summer set. From “Vindicated” to “Hands Down” to his latest summer single “Kinda Sorta Yeah”, even if you didn’t know the words, anyone could just relax in the summer sun and enjoy the music.

All Time Low brought pure Summertime vibes at the end night. If Dashboard Confessional was the afternoon beach day, All Time Low was the party back at home. As the band played through their seventeen song set, confetti was shot through the crowd and beach balls were flying around constantly while everyone sang along and smiled. Playing a heavy dose of songs off Nothing Personal, All Time Low’s latest album Last Young Renegade also made an appearance with songs “Good Times”, “Life Of The Party”, and “Dark Side Of Your Room”, and the rest of their albums were featured with one or two songs. Even though their banter was toned down for Musikfest, All Time Low still showed they can have a fun time on stage and incorporate the crowd to sing along. I don’t think there is another pop-punk band like All Time Low that could bring the care free vibe of youth to a show, but this show and tour proved they are the champions at it.

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