Devixe – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/14/22

On the last day of Musikfest, I was asked to photograph a new band from the Conshohocken, PA, known as Devixe. Having just released two songs into the world, mere days before their Musikfest performance, Devixe is still a young band having formed prior to COVID. This might be a first for Musikfest’s free stages, but Devixe is a metal band, and some might say Musikfest has had metal bands on their free stages, but have those bands covered Suicidal Tendencies at Musikfest? For as long as I’ve been going to Musikfest, I don’t believe there has been a band like Devixe on the free stages.

Having the first slot of the day, 12PM, didn’t hinder the audience turn out either, but I think if they played later in the day the turn out would’ve been bigger. For a hour Devixe played all their originals, but the majority of their set featured well done covers from Suicidal Tendencies, Static-X, System Of The Down, and a very playful “Buddy Holly” by Weezer. It is clear from their performance this band is hungry and enjoying their time on a bigger stage than what they’ve played on previously. Singer Quintin stayed in motion the whole set, if he wasn’t jumping around he was screaming out the words hunched over. Guitarist Dom and Bryce kept their cool most of the set, but once in awhile they would be seen bouncing around while commanding their solos. Bassist Connor impressively played the whole time without a pick which is rare to see especially in this music and drummer Liam is definitely the backbone to the band for his drumming was top notch the whole hour. Devixe may be a young band, but with a few more shows under their belt and more originals, I’d expect their following to grow to the point where they can start touring in no time and play Musikfest next year at a later time slot.

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