Swing That Cat – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/5/22

Now becoming a Musikfest regular, Swing That Cat made their 3rd appearance at the fest on August 5th which is also the opening night. They were once again in the Frank Banko Cinemas Lutron Jazz Cabaret stage, but the potential rain for the night seemed to have scared away a decent amount of the crowd. Regardless, Swing That Cat put on a memorable show and had guest dancers The Ladybirds. The Ladybirds are a professional dance group that specialize in dances from the Jazz era of the 1950’s, flappers, Swing, and rockabilly. Swing That Cat’s performance at Musikfest was perfect for them to attend and they were dressed as if they walked out of the 50’s. Swing That Cat played for two hours and closed out the night at the Lutron Jazz Cabaret with a good amount of fans sticking it out to the end. Their set included many originals and also plenty of covers which weren’t just swing focused, but also featured anything from blues, jazz, Spanish, and a little rock and roll. Even though Swing That Cat always plays the seated stage, it would be great to see them play an outside stage like the one in front of Hotel Bethlehem. I think the amount of people that watch Slicked Up 9’s, another band like Swing That Cat, would enjoy Swing That Cat’s music. Also there will be much more room for the crowd to dance. Keep an eye out also for Swing That Cat’s new album coming sometime in 2022.

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