Catbite – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/14/22

For the second time, Catbite graced the Zinzenplatz stage at Musikfest, but this time to an even bigger crowd than the year before. When Catbite played Musikfest last year they just released their second album, Nice One, two days before, but were only playing a few songs from that album along with multiple covers. This time around Catbite was able to highlight both their albums equally along with a few covers including No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning” which got a thunderous applause. Being a band since 2018, Catbite has already accomplished so much and playing Musikfest two years in a row is a clear indicator. The first year they played the area was filled, but there were more people sitting down than standing. This year the crowd was twice as big with not that many people sitting and instead they were up front dancing and singing along with Brittany. It is only natural to see Catbite grow like this, they are one of the best new ska bands out there right now that not only appeal to the ska and punk crowds, but also the everyday average music listener. Also they put on a very fun, entertaining, and enjoyable show that isn’t formulaic or gimmicky. Seeing their progression is exciting and it is only going to get bigger for they have multiple tours lined up for the rest of the year including one with Streetlight Manifesto. Also, they just released a split album with none other than Mike Park called Wavebreaker #2. If you don’t know who Mike Park is, it is best to look into that and you will see it is a big deal. I can only bet 2023 is going to be busy for them, if not busier. Lastly, if someone missed this free show, Catbite will be back in Bethlehem on September 11th to play a free show at the Levitt Pavilion at Steel Stacks with Bethlehem’s own Slingshot Dakota, and it is guaranteed to be just as good as the Musikfest show if not better.

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