Merrill Creek Reservoir – Warren County, NJ – 11/16/12

Sometimes inspiration comes and goes.  Just like love, inspiration has to be a natural progression.  Searching for inspiration can sometimes become a frustrated process, just like searching for love.  The best solution, patience.  Let love, inspiration, creativity, happiness come to you.  Sometimes it is best to not force some things.  Also sometimes pages should be left unread.

I have mentioned this before, but I work for a very well known candy company.  I am very grateful for having freedom at my job.  I decided to take a day off.  Recharge, adventure, and find something new.  I asked my fellow associate, who is from New Jersey, if she knew of any place I can go and take pictures.  I am always up for going somewhere new, and since I was still learning my new camera I wanted to get in more practice.

She mentioned a place called Merrill Creek Reservoir in Warren County, New Jersey.  She mentioned her family visits the location every year and the trees in the reservoir would make a great picture.  I decided why not.  Now, since Hurricane Sandy, trees have been down all over.  Driving to the reservoir was no different.  Trees were down left and right, even when I got to the reservoir, paths in the woods were blocked off.  It was shocking how much was destroyed from the hurricane, but I had my climbing shoes and nothing would stop me.

Once I finally got to the area my fellow associate mentioned to me, inspiration, creativity, and the overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me.  Sometimes adventuring alone can be the most rewarding.  I spent maybe three hours out in the reservoir, but dishearten because I thought every shot was useless.  I would be wrong when I started to develop my pictures in Lightroom.  Some of these photos were good enough, to me at least, that I made them black and white or color.  I might have gotten a little carried away.

On my way home, I saw an abandoned house.  Knowing me, I pulled over and grabbed a shot.  After editing, it would become my favorite of the day.  That’s the thing with photography, art, music, and love.  You never know when it will strike.  It could be when you least expect it and at the most random time of your life.  It should be known, that the only way it will come, is through patience.

Then again inspiration or love can come from your past, but then you’d be one of the lucky ones.




M Creek 1 M Creek 2 M Creek 3 M Creek 4 M Creek 5 M Creek 6 M Creek 7 M Creek 8 M Creek 9 M Creek 10 M Creek 11 M Creek 12 M Creek 13 M Creek 14 M Creek 15 M Creek 16 M Creek 17 M Creek 18 M Creek 19 M Creek 20 M Creek 21 M Creek 22 M Creek 23

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