Seiple Farms – Bath, PA – 10/11/15

The season is finally upon us!  The season where the days start cooler and end much colder, the warmth of being under blankets is not only to stay warm but to brings a certain happiness, and the colors and smells manage to intertwine with each other.  It is officially fall.  Fall has always been my favorite season as far as I can remember.  I can’t say what exactly it is that made me love the season, but I do know that the chilly mornings tend to clear my head.  Maybe that has help me remember so much with the season.  Growing up I always remembered the house smelling like pumpkin bread or chocolate chip cookies and just devouring any homemade item in sight.  I also remember watching all the Halloween specials on television, especially on Nickelodeon.  Adventures of Pete & Pete and Home Improvement are my go to fall shows.  They have a way of making autumn look picturesque.  They remind me of the season and how I felt as a kid.  No care, bills, or worry in the world.

Still, there is something about this season.  Maybe it’s the closeness to the other holidays, maybe the free candy, or maybe it’s the tradition aspect.  As soon as this season hits, for the last months in the year, a lot of activities are actually more based around tradition.  Most of these traditions are based around family, food, and friends.  As I get older, I hope to move on from these older traditions and start making new traditions, especially with my significant other.  One tradition I hope to continue with is going to a pumpkin patch during this season.  It could be any pumpkin patch, but I would like it to be at Seiple Farms.

I’ve written about Seiple Farms before, but for a quick background, Seiple Farms has been around since 1889 and family owned with no intention of selling.  The farm is almost open all year round.  Starting the season off with strawberry picking followed by pumpkin picking, and ending it with chopping down a Christmas trees.  Seiple’s handles everything on their property.  While waiting to take the hayride to the field to get a pumpkin, customers can test their bravery in the haunted barn, try and not get lost in a corn maze, eat excellent food or pet the barn animals.  It’s very family oriented and the wait for the hayride is never too long.  Prices to me are fairly cheap with $0.45 a pound for a pumpkin.  I’ve been to other pumpkin patches in the Lehigh Valley, and I still think this is the best one.  I think going to it every year proves that.

I may never understand why fall is my favorite season.  In the words of my girlfriend, “do you need to explain it?”  Maybe not, maybe when you like or love something you don’t need a reason.  Maybe it is just, you know.  You know you love it, that’s all that’s to it and nothing will change that.  Tradition is a hard thing to break, but why would you want to anyways.

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