The Bouncing Souls/Leftover Crack/Beach Slang/All Torn Up – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA – 10/17/15

Exactly three months, and I am seeing The Bouncing Souls again, which isn’t a bad thing.  This time there was no full album playing, but a well put setlist spanning their entire discography.  Again, the bill was filled with great openers and seeing the Bouncing Souls in the fall in picturesque Lancaster isn’t a bad way to spend the night.

From New York, opening the show was All Torn Up.  I wasn’t familiar with All Torn Up but they reminded me of the New York youth crew hardcore music movement.  Similar sound in certain songs, but lyrically All Torn Up focuses on politics.  The band played a fast in your face set.  I think seeing All Torn Up in a smaller room would be a lot more exhilarating.  The energy in the band’s music is meant for singing along and pile ups.  Catch the band on tour with Leftover Crack, even if you don’t know them, you will still enjoy their set.

Next was up and coming band Beach Slang.  Coming from the Lehigh Valley, I heard of Beach Slang because lead singer James Alex used to front the local band Weston.  However, I wasn’t prepared for how electric Beach Slang is live.  James Alex definitely stole the show.  His stage presence is something that I miss seeing in bands since Moneen.  While watching him perform you’d think he has a hateful relationship with his guitar.  From swinging to throwing to looking like punching, it was hard to tell if he was playing anymore.  If you aren’t a fan of Beach Slang’s music, you will after you see them live.  Their performance is worth a watch.  Watch for this band, they may become the next big thing in the next few months.

The third band of the night was Leftover Crack.  Leftover Crack recently got some bad press from their last album Fuck World Trade.  I read some people didn’t even want to go to the show because of them.  Whatever the case may be, once lead singer Stza stepped on stage, the crowd seemed to go off like a rocket.  Yelling the words back and opening the pit, Leftover Crack is going to go down as a legendary punk band.  Pushing the envelope and keeping the punk attitude, this is one of the last true punk bands.  If people under 21 were in the pit during their set, I’d expect the place to end up in a riot.

Closing the night was The Bouncing Souls.  Compared to last time I saw the Bouncing Souls, this show was a full setlist of songs spanning their career along with a new song.  During the song, “Lean on Sheena”, some of the guys in Leftover Crack came on stage to sing along.  The Bouncing Souls also played three songs that kind of go together, “Better Life”, Better Days”, and The Kinks cover of “Better Things”.  They explained it as a story that goes from bad to good.  They didn’t do this intentionally when recording, but decided to play them all together at the show. As I said before the main floor was for only the 21+ crowd, while the upstairs was for the younger crowd.  I was expecting the crowd to be a little more off the walls, but it wasn’t because of this I think.  The Bouncing Souls played great and again had a great lineup for this mini tour.  Next up for The Bouncing Souls is their annual holiday shows, and I can bet those lineups will be just as great.


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