Abandoned Farm House – Northampton, PA – 11/8/15

Disclaimer:  I do not promote trespassing on grounds that is off limits to the public.  If you wish to visit an abandoned place, for your safety, please reach out to the property owners to gain access.  If you don’t, I am not held accountable for the fines that may occur.

I almost gave up.  The past couple of weeks, actually months, I have been loosing it all.  Finally it took me a good kick in the butt to own up and start being a man.  Lately I haven’t, and I think that has made me loose inspiration also.  I hope things can turn around, but for now I have to start working harder and better at what is in front me.  Meaning letting go of music, not photographing shows as much.  I lost sight into why I was doing what I was doing.  I was photographing too many and burning myself out.  I missed out on memories and didn’t notice problems around me.  I have one show this weekend then another next month and that will be all until who knows.  Music will always be a big part of me, but I think it is time to back off a little and focus on what makes me truly happy.  Actually getting rid of a lot stuff does, but planning trips for my next adventure is more exciting.  Like my #optoutside weekend.  More to come on this!

However, what brought me to this realization was a big eye opener, which I won’t get into, but I was scared at first and now it seems to hopefully be the best thing that could happen.  It reconnected me with who I should be and what I should do.  Also letting go of material things, a big one for everyone to do, but once you get past that the jumping off the ledge, it isn’t so bad.  Things don’t make me happy, creating does.  I still hope that when I have kids I can pass down all these photos in hopes of them realizing that their father didn’t just sit around, he went out there and did something.  That brings me to this abandoned farm house.  A house where it technically all started, I should say the road.  The picture in my header is only a mile or so from where this abandoned house is.

When I first saw this house I wondered, who lived there?  The place could’ve been beautiful at one point and I wanted to see if the inside matched the outside.  Unfortunately, the location makes it hard to find out.  Cops drive up and down and once I was questioned for my curiosity.  The “truth” behind this property is that the airport bought out all the people living on the road for reasons I am unsure off.  Expansion, liability, money…I don’t know, but when I moved there, there were a lot more houses compared to now.  This house though looks like it could stand forever.  It’s been through a lot and I think it stands because it is iconic while you drive on the road.  All alone except when the summer comes and the vegetation takes over.

Recently while driving I saw the door had a huge hole in it.  Looks like someone was curious like me.  This sparked my interested, maybe I can finally get inside.  Getting my friend and someone to be the getaway car, we got dropped off in front and waited till no cars were in sight.  Made a run for it and got inside.  Finally, seeing what was inside.  I didn’t expect tables, clothes, etc in here, but I wasn’t expecting how much damage there was.  A lot of floors and the roof had collapse.  Watching your step was key.  The the sun room was amazing to see, but had a terrible smell.  There was something dead somewhere.  Making my way upstairs, you had to walk on little pieces of wood.  The stairs were practically gone. Again while upstairs, had to watch your step and walk on wood beams.  I wasn’t afraid of that, because one this house is still standing and two they were built to last.  Once I finished upstairs I made my way to a side house/shed, oddly enough this was really clean unlike the main building.  Back inside, I made my way to the basement which was like the movie Home Alone.  The furnace looked angry and it was pitch black in other rooms.  Not a lot to photograph, but I made the best of it in the time I had inside.  Wish I had my external flash with me!

I called my ride to come pick me up and left.  After all these years, I finally got to see what was inside this mysterious building and it was worth it.  Hopefully it stays, the same as my situation too, if not I will make sure to fight to keep it alive.

75 thoughts on “Abandoned Farm House – Northampton, PA – 11/8/15

  1. So a little more information on the house. It was and is a beautiful house. It was even more beautiful when it was in living conditions before the airport took over the property. I have been told my other locals, the airport took over that property and many surrounding properties for a runway expansion project. It has been years since that property was taken over and as you can see, nothing has been done with it or any others. As someone who was in that house when I was no more than 8 years old and only in the kitchen, it is as I remember it. It is a shame that the people living there could not stay and maintain the residence.

    1. Thanks for the information! I do know the airport bought the property, and when I moved into Northampton there were a lot of houses on the road. The airport has since taken them down except this one, which I hope they don’t. I don’t think the expansion project has worked because from what I understand the airport is now trying to sell land.

  2. I drive by this house on a regular basis and often have thought it must have been beautiful in its best days. After seeing your photos now I’m sure of it! Thanks for the glimpse!

  3. Drive past it everyday during my commute and have watch it deteriorate over the years. Always wondered what it looked like inside. Does look like they pretty much stripped it of any and all its glory with regard to woodwork etc. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Although we can see it may have been dangerous… I too would have been so very curious and imagined the resurrection of this once fine home.

  5. That house and side building were recently used as a set for a local production company filming a documentary. That’s probably why it was weirdly clean in the side building.

  6. Thanks, so glad we got to see the inside! Now, if only you could dare to enter the one 2 doors up from me on Weaversville rd. The airport bought it and it is falling apart. I have seen photos of when it was lived in and it was gorgeous. Our next door neighbor was born and raised in that house and when she married, she moved from that house and bought the house next door. She is in her 80’s now so it was a while ago. If you ever have the nerve to sneak inside, let me know!!

  7. I drive past it everyday and I always thought ” if I had the money I would buy and restore this house” there are a few farm houses like this in the area that are run down. I’m so psyched you took pics so we can see what’s inside ! 🙂 next time I want in on the B&E’s haha

      1. there is an old one that i use to live in. My aunt actually use to own it. It was built in 1745 and it is the Brown brick one on Limeport Pike, Coopersburg. That house still has alot of originals. The house has now been taken over by the bank but people have gone in there and checked stuff out. The servent quarters are still in the garage and the yard is huge

  8. You should try to get into the old Mertztown farm over by Alburtis off of Butztown rd. It’s currently owned by Jaindl farms. They started doing work on it and then just stopped. The ceilings are amazing and the barn is huge. They have an alarm on it, so you’d need permission. But if it’s for a history piece on the house, they might let you in. Their is also an amazing summer kitchen across the street from it you can get in. Amazing fireplace inside. The house has several for places as well! Let me know if you get in, cause I’d love to see it, if not join you!

  9. The Airport took my Grandparents house also (on Race st.). My grandfather built that house with his buddies 65 yrs ago. Now its gone. Very sad to drive by and not even be able to tell that there was a house and a life standing there at one time, lots of kids, grand kids, even my son whom is their Great Grandchild! Funny thing is, The Deed that my grandparents had, stated that the airport could never take that land and use it. BUT they did! They were going to put a runway in for international flights… The house that you photographed, I am not 100% sure, but I was told that “Jandl” the people that own the turkey farm near Schnecksville owned that property. Maybe you could find out somehow and get more of a background?

  10. You should try to get into the old Mertztown Farm over in Alburtis off of Butztown Rd. It’s owned by Jaindl Farms. They started doing work on it and then stopped. From what you can see from the looking through the windows , the inside is amazing. Large vaulted and painted ceilings. Multiple fireplaces. Amazing woodwork. The house has an alarm system, so you’d need permission. But for a historical piece, they might let you in. You can get inside the huge barn and the cute summer kitchen across the street which has its own amazing fireplace inside! If not from inside, the pics from outside would be just as great. Let me know if you get inside. I’d love to come!

  11. Beautiful…I used to live in Northampton 4 years ago…I took a lot of pictures of this house too,,,,but was not brave enough to go inside……You did and its amazing ..I am happy to see the inside…..
    Continue your good work.


  12. If I remember right the airport took as part of emenent domain (in the interest of the public good) as party of a “saftey zone”. The owners would have been paid fair market value, but to be forced to leave your home for the public good must have stung. It was an example of one lease with too much power. I know years later it was determined the airport took way too many properlties for the wrong ressons I am not sure if this one would qualify for that. It is an example of good intentions gone bad or pwer gone bad.

  13. My husband said that he used to play Nintendo in this house in 5th or 6th grade. (About 25 years ago). We always wonder about this place now when we drive by.

  14. It is amazing how small our world really is. These photo’s are amazing. I actually grew up with some of the children who lived in that farmhouse. Our bus went through Willowbrook everyday to pick them up. I now live in Arizona and don’t get back there often but when I do me and my best friend Michelle certainly love to travel the old roads and see the old houses. #blastfromthepast
    Tina Marie

  15. My grand parents were the last owners of this house and property and was condemned by the lehigh valley airport in the 90s. If you’d like any more information on it I’d be glad to tell you more about it.

    1. Tyler, any facts, stories, pictures, an insight on the history of this place u can provide would be greatly appreciated, not just by me, but probably anyone who has passed this house!! Thank u!!

  16. I went to this house so many times with my friends last summer we took a oujio board too it was crazy I love that place we call it spooky scary

  17. The airport and Willowbrook Farms have a long, heated “history” between them. If this was part of the farm itself, not surprised nothing was ever done to it. The airport took some land that didn’t belong to them and it was a huge, local issue. Similar reasons right now why the Fed Ex building has not started yet.

  18. I got pulled over by a cop that was camped out by this house last summer. . it’ll be Interesting to see if it stays up when FedEx(I believe) builds its wearhouse nearby. I think this road and race street are all due to become 4 lanes. Say hello to more trucks Lehigh valley!

  19. I don’t know who owned the house but when I was 16 in 1988, I had a car accident directly across the road , there was a brick building that went with the house, and my car went up a telephone pole, rolled several times over, and stopped right before the building. It was 4:45 am and I was on my way to Muhlenberg Hospital for my job. When I came to, I was in shock and wandering around, the man who lived there came out and helped me, called an ambulance. I never did get to say thank you, but whenever I see this house I think of him and how things could have gone very different that day.
    Thank you for the photos, I’ve often wondered what the inside looked like.

  20. This was my great uncle’s property before the airport took it, along with all of our homes/farm/my barn on the other side of Willow Brook Road, by eminent domain. Their plan was to build a north/south runway with the land but it all fell apart when the economy tanked in 2007. What a terrible waste of beautiful, irreplaceable architecture and our federal tax dollars that they spent to take it from us.

  21. A friend of mine just shared this with me on facebook. My late husband and I rented that house from a family with the last name of Smith who lived in Bath. That was our first house together. Lots of memories there! We moved into the house sometime in 1991. Bought a house and moved out October of 1994. Our daughter was 2 weeks old. Beautiful house. Solid it was! We actually offered to buy the house but they weren’t selling. I guess it was good that we didnt. It’s sad to see the house like that. Seen it boarded up years ago and it was heartbreaking. Thanks for posting such a wonderful story about it and sharing your photos.

  22. Agree with the last two, this is was the Smith’s property. I worked some summers in the late 1980s at their dairy farm off Old Carriage in Seemsville. They called this property “down home”, as we went there numerous time to bale hay. Was never in the house, but was in the barn plenty. Thanks for the pics.

  23. I’ve passed by this house almost daily for the past thirty-some years. I saw it when it when it was alive with occupants and seen how it has become desolate through the years. It’s truly a sad, sad ending to a structure that is dying by today’s standards. My congrats on gaining access. Wonderful article!

  24. I grow up in that area when I was younger, remember a really nice farming family living there. They brought my friends and I in for cold drinks and sandwiches when we were riding our mini bikes down the road.

  25. Thanks for the pics, very cool. Often wondered what it looked like inside. Did you ever check out the abandoned house off of Weaversville Road.

      1. There’s an abandoned farm house at 6255 Weaversville Rd, Bethlehem according to google maps. Coming from 329/Northampton, it’ll be on your right after the developments, but before the big winding turn to Schoenersville Rd.

        There’s also a really great abandoned house at 1755 Weaversville Rd. (closer to Schoenersville Rd.), right where Weaversville splits to Hanover Street. It’s like it’s been reclaimed by the trees! I always wanted to see the inside of that one! 1755 seems to technically the field on right when coming from Schoenerville, but on the left, just past the chained up stone-entry driveway to nowhere, there’s a little green mile marker that says 6073 and the house is hiding in the woods right there.

  26. Have passed by this place numerous times over the last 23 years and have always been curious as to the inside. Thanks for sharing. All the pics are great but #15 is brilliant! (Looking out the window) such a great shot, thanks again for your effort.

  27. THIS. IS. AMAZING! Old abandoned houses have always perked my interest. Making me wonder what the history was and who lived there. Especially this one since I grew up in Northampton right down Willowbrook Road.

    A few years ago I snuck into an old abandoned house in West Allentown up the street from my town home. It was right off of Tilghman Street and Werley Road. I captured some amazing pictures! And the yellow wallpaper in your photo #5 was almost the exact one in the house I was in. I’d love to share the pics with you! Unfortunately, they have now knocked down this house and built new luxury apartments. That was a sad day for me.

  28. I grew up on top of the hill at willowbrook farm my uncle ray brown posted about it too i remember the outside was veautiful and their was a shed towarda the hill as well loved the memories growing up in our little farm wishing we were still there many times and yes the airport has yet to start anything been over 10 years now soo sad

  29. Wow! This is simply amazing! I never would have guessed that so many people were interested in these old buildings. I had lived off Weaversville Road above the old Weaversville store for many years and drove Willowbrook Road almost daily. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. I have an idea of who might possibly have photos of the old place years ago. Vince, Vicki Smith’s brother. As I understand the old place had been in the Smith family for many years before the airport took the land by eminent domain. And now, what gives the airport to resell the property to FedEx? Just what we need more traffic and more industrial building on farm land. Our animals keep getting pushed out of their homes and we wonder why so many deer are hit by vehicles and why fox and coyotes are roaming through our backyards. Humans are greedy and think nothing of the land until there is nothing left. Do we not realize that we need land in order to survive?

    As far as Jaindl’s name. David Jaindl is the son who handles all the property, if I am not mistaken. They had owned the property at the corner of Airport Road and Rt 329. It had been a beer distributor for many years before going vacant. My boyfriend, of many years, at the time had his own auto repair business. I kept suggesting we find out about the property as it was a great location. Through my research through the township, I discovered it was owned by Jaindl Farms. I contacted the offices on Coffeetown Road and actually setup an appointment with David. I explained the situation and suggested it would be more beneficial to them to be receiving rent on the building than letting it stand empty. He was agreeable. We had to go through zoning and everything but in the end, they rented the property to us. They own a great deal of land in the Valley. Heck, they even have their own bank – American Bank, which is run by Mark Jaindl, another one of the sons. There is an amazing story with their family history in itself. Bottom line is, I have heard it said that Jaindl would never grant permission or take the time, but I found differently. They were very accommodating and helpful through the whole zoning process so you never know if you don’t ask! I grew up on Mertztown Road, my parents still live there…..the sad part is, they have begun construction on numerous industrial building taking more land and building it up. The amount of traffic that is going to be traveling Spring Creek Road is absurd. And most of them will be trucks causing more dust and road debris. Heck, we used to ride our bikes on that road and pick raspberries, but those days are long gone.

    Thank you again for sharing!!! Breathtaking photos in the shape it is in, can you imagine the original photos? This area has a lot of history that has never been told. I too hope they restore this old farm house. There should be more historical sites that are protected!

  30. Was called Smith farm . I worked at airport when airport obtained the farm. People broke in and cut out the floors and took the front door which was beautiful. They stripped it . Our officers had to be careful checking property it was dangerous because floors were gone. There was a small stone building also which burned. It was a beautiful home.

  31. About 19 years ago, I kept a horse at Willow Brook Farms and the farm owned that house and leased it out. We would ride over and the family there was very nice and had several children who would always get excited when the horse would come to visit. The stupid, greedy airport illegally took the land from Willow Brook, which they were court ordered to repay a hefty price. Yay! Anyway, my point, it was a beautiful home not so long ago.

  32. I live just minutes from this beautiful iconic home and of course drive past often. Every time I drive past I slow down to take in view and have always wished I could see the inside. Thank you so much for making that possible. Fabulous photography.

  33. What road is this on? My best friend lived in old farm house I think it was pond rd seemsville. Her family moved I would say maybe around mid 80’s. For the past how many years it was boarded up and caving in. It looked like how this house looks in the pictures. I’m not sure if the house is still there. Haven’t drove by in few years.

    1. Hi Valerie, due to the airport and police asking I don’t share the exact location, I will say it isn’t on Pond Road in Seemsville. I will say there is a lot of construction on the road and the fate of this house is unknown as far as I know. If you travel behind the airport in Allentown you shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

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