The Loved Ones / Cayetena / Little Big League – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – 2/20/16

On February 20th 2016, The Loved Ones came home to a sold out Philadelphia show to play what could be their last show ever as a band.  It was also the 10 year anniversary of their album Keep Your Heart.  An album praised by fans and critics across the board.  While it may be the last time we see The Loved Ones, they seem to be passing the torch to the opening bands at this show.  Like The Loved Ones, both opening bands call Philadelphia home and hopefully we will see them selling out the Union Transfer in the near future.

Starting off the night was Little Big League.  Little Big League mixes the 90’s emo sound with a dash of punk.  They reminded me of a local band back home called Slingshot Dakota.  For a young band, they played with great confidence on stage.  Unfortunately there were a few audience members that tried to heckle them, but they paid no mind and kept playing.  The Loved Ones audience can be a little rough at times.  Regardless, I think The Loved Ones handpicked the openers and I wasn’t complaining with their decisions.

Following Little Big League was the all female group Cayetena.  There seemed to be quite a good amount of fans in the crowd.  The majority of people in the front were singing back the words.  For a three piece, and that is rare in bands these days, Cayetena make a big sound that reminisce an early 90’s sound.  I can see Cayetena’s music being played in a indie movie’s montage.  I can see Cayetena getting popular in the coming years.


Before The Loved Ones hit the stage, the crowd was already getting rowdy.  Entering the stage, Dave Hause was carrying a wizard like stick.  Not sure what the purpose for the stick was, but he would use it on stage to point at the crowd or conduct the band.  To me it just seemed like Dave wanted to show that this show should be taken as light hearted as possible and not serious.  Playing a 17 song set, The Loved Ones played Keep Your Heart in entirely, but not front to back.  A different take on these anniversary shows bands are doing now a days.  Through out the show Dave was in the crowd’s face while the crowd was pushing back to get to him.  Towards the end Dave manages to be held up by his feet by the crowd.  Throughout the night fans were crowd surfing,  stage diving, and flipping into the crowd.  Literally, a girl did three flips into the crowd throughout the night.  Again, the show was proved to be light hearted when Dave would have fans on stage and get them prepared to jump into the crowd.  However, one fan decided to touch the all “magical stick” which was a big no-no. When the show ended, the crowd was left with nothing but pure exhaustion and happiness.  Is this the last time we see The Loved Ones?  Not sure, but if it is, at least they came back home to Philadelphia.



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