The Bouncing Souls / Beach Slang / Cayetana – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – 7/28/16

There is something about seeing a band perform in their hometown, or the next town over.  Most of the time it’s one big party with people you don’t know, yet you do because you came together for the same reason.  I’ve seen The Bouncing Souls in different states and once in New Jersey, but I didn’t consider it a real hometown show.  That can be seen here Seeing The Bouncing Souls at The Stone Pony is a hometown show.  It is a unique experience, something I don’t think many bands can capture in their own hometown.  I wasn’t prepared for the craziness that was about abrupt when the Souls took the stage, photographing was definitely a challenge, but the pictures would never do the energy in the room justice.  Just like their Home For The Holidays shows, The Bouncing Souls tagged these shows as Stoked For The Summer.  From what I understand this is the first year and hopefully not the last.

Cayetana are no strangers to playing with legendary bands.  I recently seen this trio open for The Loved Ones in Philly here  Just like that show, these three girls not only prove they write great songs, but they also put on a mesmerizing set.  At this point I’d think most of the crowd knows who this band is, and if they don’t they do now.  Check out Cayetana now before you’re the last one.

Beach Slang is also no strangers to opening for legendary bands.  Already opening for The Bouncing Souls in Lancaster, PA here Beach Slang has to be one of the best live bands out there.  James Alex is either the best front man in the scene or yoga instructor, he has come a long way since his Weston days.  James even dressed for the occasion by wearing a Hawaiian shirt.   Playing through a blistering set, Beach Slang play old and some new tunes off their upcoming album and the energy never stopped.  The hype behind this band is only going to grow for I think this band is going to start something new in the scene.

Stoked For The Summer is Bouncing Souls companion to Home For The Holidays, but it was also a celebration to their latest release Simplicity.  The celebration was a two day ordeal with the Souls performing inside The Stone Pony on Thursday and then outside on the Summer stage the next day.  To make it even sweeter and cooler, The Bouncing Souls had two cold brew coffees made from Coffee Surf.  It was nice having a coffee shop at a venue, or am I getting too old?  Either way The Bouncing Souls went all out for this release, which some say is a throw back to their older records.  Personally I think they get better with each release and Simplicity proves that.  Seeing the Bouncing Souls perform in Asbury Park was chaotic, fun, and breathtaking.  Photographing wasn’t easy, but seeing this band in their hometown was priceless.  Playing a set of older classics, featuring Johnny X, and some new ones, The Bouncing Souls can be compared to a fine wine.  They keep getting better with age, especially on stage.  These guys aren’t young anymore, but they play as if age is just a number.  Maybe it’s that Jersey air or the Jersey water, whatever it may be, The Bouncing Souls got it right and keep getting it right.  Maybe all it takes is simplicity.

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