Brian Fallon / Austin Plaine / Jared Hart – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ – 3/12/15

After the in-store at Vintage Vinyl, see here, Brian and company made their way over to Starland Ballroom for the show.  Opening the show was Jared Hart of The Scandals.  Jared would later pull double duties by playing a 12 string guitar later in the night in Brian Fallon’s backing band.  For now, Jared was showcasing his own solo material.  Playing only one Scandals song, a Bob Dylan cover, and the rest his own solo material, Jared proved he isn’t just a front man for a punk band.  From soft to bellowing vocals, Jared showed he is a jack of all trades.  Jared Hart would be a perfect fit for the next Revival Tour, until then check out all his projects and seeing him in Brian’s backing band.


Newcomer Austin Plaine was next.  Personally I have grown very fond of Austin’s music.  After seeing the video for “Never Come Back Again” I was hooked.  Austin bridges the sound of folk and country to have them compliment each other perfectly. I could see his songs being played on the radio or throughout all Starbucks.  From quitting law school and chasing his dreams of becoming a musician, Austin is someone everyone should aspire to.  Taking chances and living life.  Austin played a good amount of songs off his self-titled album including “Houston”, “Your Love”, and of course closing his set “Never Come Back Again”. Austin is a musician to watch and see live in 2016, he will make you wish you were out in the fields of Montana and breathing in what life has to offer.

With a sold out Starland Ballroom, Brian Fallon and the Crowes took the stage with wide smiles.  Throughout this tour, Brian was always wondering how the crowd was going to act to the songs crowd didn’t know.  Obviously the singles were playing in everyone’s mind, but would the crowd know how to react to newer songs?  With the album only being out one day, it seemed like the crowd knew every word.  Starting with the Horrible Crowes song “Last Rites”, it set the mood for everyone.  I for one was excited to finally hear those songs live with a full band.  Previously only New York and Los Angeles got the special treatment when Elsie was released.  With an almost back and forth set list between Horrible Crowes and his new solo material, Brian managed to fit in for this hometown crowd a Gaslight Anthem song.  “National Anthem” was played by Brian as a thank you for being great fans and state.  A very nice gesture that I don’t think any other show got on this tour.  Brian picked a good backing band to play these songs on the road.  Even though it is three fifths of Gaslight Anthem, this line up sounds good and the chemistry between the players seems more like family than work.  From messing with each other on stage to constantly smiling, the proof is there that this band is a perfect match.  Reading interviews its obvious that Brian went through some personal issues however, if this album and shows are any constellation, it seems like he is doing just fine now.  All I ask is when is the next show around this area?

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