Further Seems Forever / Dryjacket / Kids – Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY – 7/30/16

2016 has been a year of reunions and anniversaries.  The early 2000’s brought a lot classic albums to the “scene”, and one album that stood out during that time was How To Start A Fire by Further Seems Forever.  With poetic lyrics and fierce vocals, How To Start A Fire is a timeless album.  After performing the album all over the states, Further Seems Forever with Jason Gleason, finally made a few stops in the North East including New York.

Opening the show was Florida based band Kids.  I ask the question, why isn’t Kids sign and on massive tours with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie or Mumford and Sons?  The band, with six members, all perform with massive amounts of energy and switch off and on on instruments.  This is a talented band that will soon get recognition, if not, then I am not sure what everyone is looking for in music.


Following Kids, was Hopeless Records’ newest signing Dryjacket.  Dryjacket has a similiar sound to the band Copeland.  If you know Copeland, then you know exactly what kind of music this will sound like.  Smooth vocals with beautiful guitar riffs.  Just like Kids, Dryjacket is sure to get huge.  Make sure to check them out on Yellowcard’s farewell tour this fall.


Ending the night was Further Seems Forever.  Featuring Jason Gleason on vocals, Further Seems Forever played a set featuring mostly the songs from How To Start A Fire.  A album which many, including myself, hold close as one of their favorite albums from the band and their own collection.  Just like when Jason was originally in the band, they opened with “Aurora Borealis (In Long Form)”, a perfect way to start their set and set the mood.  Then from their it was intensity from the band and Jason’s vocals.  I am not sure what Jason has been doing musically, but his voice is stronger than ever.  I hope he doesn’t let that go to waste.  However, his voice really shined when he played Jon Bunch’s song “Light Up Ahead”.  A tearjerker for sure due to the recent events, I believe Jon would approve of Jason’s version.  Ending the set was the “The Sound”, one of Further Seems Forever crowd sing a longs which brought Jason into the crowd and saying, “if this is the last song we play as a band, I will be fine with that.”  The future with Futher Seems Forever is uncertain, as always.  Will there be more shows? Another album with Jason or Chris?  At this point no one knows.  I personally would like to see more shows with Jason and an album, but time will tell.  Hopefully a vinyl reissue of How To Start A Fire, that’s not asking for too much, is it?


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