Motion City Soundtrack / A Great Big Pile Of Leaves / Rozwell Kid – Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA – 8/5/16

The final North American leg of Motion City Soundtrack’s “So Long, Farewell” tour hit Pennsylvania one last time in Stroudsburg, PA at Sherman Theater.  It was a emotional roller coaster for the band and the fans as we said one last goodbye to one of our most beloved bands.

It’s no secret that in today’s music scene you need to stick out in order to get recognized, and Rozwell Kid is doing just that.  As this band makes more progress in their career, they are becoming more and more known for their catchy energetic songs.  However, their real charm shows in their live performance.  With back bending guitar solos, kneeling bass riffs, and incredible drum fills, if you blink once at a Rozwell Kid show you just might miss their yoga style stage presence.  Check out this band’s current albums and expect a new one soon, after this tour the band will be back in the studio.

Following Rozwell Kid was the soothing sounds of A Great Big Pile Of Leaves.  Bassist Tom Ryan kept the same energy as Rozwell Kid.  A Great Big Pile Of Leaves is a band’s band.  They are known throughout the scene by fans, but also throughout all the bands in the scene.  On their last e.p., Justin from Motion City Soundtrack added vocals to their song.  It only made sense to have them on this tour.  However, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves’ musicianship goes beyond the other bands in the scene.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this band ends up on a tour with the likes of Weezer.  With their fanbase growing, it’s only a matter of time for this band to explode.

It’s strange to believe that this may be Motion City Soundtrack’s last Pennsylvania performance.  To say it wasn’t an emotional set for me would be a lie.  I admit during songs like “Hold Me Down” or “My Favorite Accident”, I got choked up.  It wasn’t because this was the last time I would hear these songs live, no, it was because Motion City Soundtrack has been with me since high school.  Their songs were soundtracks to some big parts in my life.  Hearing those songs brought back a wave of memories.  That’s what music is suppose to do, and Motion City Soundtrack does it perfectly.  Justin Pierre has a way with words that help me, and others, explain their inner demons.  Of course I listen to other bands that explain how I feel, but Motion City Soundtrack was the best at explaining those awkward feelings and/or dark feelings.  As I sit here with boxes and boxes of my stuff waiting to be unpacked, I think of the song like “Even If It Kills Me” and it fits perfectly with what I am doing right now in life.  Still to this day, Motion City Soundtrack is becoming my soundtrack to life.  Sadly, some things end.  Motion City Soundtrack performed roughly 21 songs of loss, heartache, the future, and the end.  The crowd was quite small, but for a show like this, it was perfect, you felt like you were the only one in the room.  That is how I want to remember Motion City Soundtrack, their last Pennsylvania performance performing only to me.  Motion City Soundtrack, you just became another memory for me and your music was the best playlist.

“And the days will run away before you know it,
The lights will dim, the earth shakes,
And the whole thing disappears,
If you could live a million years in just a moment,
Would it hit you even harder?

Why is goodbye so hard to say.”

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