Bush / Chevelle / Black Map / The Dead Deads – Bethlehem, PA – Musikfest – 8/11/16

Musikfest hit Bethlehem, PA for the 32nd year and so far it had only been clear blue skies and hot heat.  That changed the day Bush were set to perform.  With storm clouds rolling in throughout the show it was only a matter of time.

Opening the show was female rock group The Dead Deads.  Hailing from Nashville, TN, The Dead Deads are a fairly young band.  That is in band years.  However, don’t let that turn you off, these women know how to rock.  With their heavy grunge, punk, and metal sound these women definitely put on an electric show.  Sadly due to technical and the coming storm they started late and could only perform four songs.  Be on the look out for this band.


Next was the trio Black Map which features members from Trophy Fire, Dredg, and Far.  With members like this, Black Map knows a thing or two about the industry.  Playing their unique sound of hard rock, Black Map can be best described as a mix between A Perfect Circle  and Death Cab For Cutie.  Sounds odd, but check them out yourself and see.


As the sun began to set, Chevelle took the stage and played for over a hour clocking in about 15 songs.  There was little talk in between songs, but Chevelle gave the fans exactly what they wanted.  Playing a set spanning their entire career, Chevelle played with emotion, intensity, and as loud as they could be.  For how long Chevelle has been around, they are going to be one of those bands that will have a lasting legacy.


The night rolled on and lightening started to strike in the distance, and Bush took the stage almost immediately.  It was crazy to think, that this was my first time seeing a band I’ve been listening to since 5th grade and it would be cut short.  Now for a band with this long of a career, one would think they would calm down a bit on stage and really just let the music shine.  That isn’t the case with Bush.  Gavin Rossdale and company wouldn’t stand still for a second.  From the beginning to the end it was constant jumping, moving, and giving it their all.  With a set featuring all the hits, it wouldn’t be until “Little Things” that Gavin jumps in the crowd singing with everyone while running around.  As he made his way back on stage to take his leave, Vice President for Programming at ArtsQuest came on stage and told the audience the show would have to be cut short due to the storm.  Gavin pleaded with the Vice President, but the safety of others was at hand.  It was a shame, but you cant argue with the decision.  Bethlehem’s only hope is that Bush returns again and gives the same energy with a longer set.


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