Rehasher / We Are The Union / MakeWar – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY – 4/21/17

Once and awhile, when Less Than Jake take a short breather, Roger Lima explores his other band Rehasher.  For those that don’t know who Rehasher is, think the punk songs of Less Than Jake, i.e. no horns or upstroke guitars, blended with bands like Lagwagon and Descendents.  Quite honestly the best mix you can have.  However, Rehasher isn’t a full time band and touring is few and far between.  Since Less Than Jake is on a little break before the summer, Rehasher made its way up to the North East to play three shows in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.  Tagging along was another band that has been quiet for quite some time, We Are The Union.  Out of all the latest ska bands to come out of the scene, We Are The Union are probably the best.  Regardless of what lead singer and guitarist Reed Wolcott says, even if they got older, the energy is still there and the songs still ring true.  For the New York show, Brooklyn natives MakeWar opened the show.  A show with this kind of lineup doesn’t come around often, and if you missed it, I wish I could say it will come back around, but only time will tell.

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