John The Gun – The Bitter End – New York, NY – 4/21/17

After the Rehasher show, I headed over to the Bitter End to catch John The Gun once again.  It’s been quite some time since I photographed this band, and a few things have changed.  For one they are now a four piece, which only makes them stronger musically and performance-wise.  Another change is new songs.  John The Gun has been playing some new material at their shows and they sound good, real good.  Their debut album, Tread Eternal, came out in 2015 which means they are due to have some new music out.  Click on their site below and give them a listen and maybe buy Tread Eternal.  They are a local band doing it on their own and any like, share, or purchase will mean the world to them.  Also keep an eye out for upcoming shows and try and catch one!

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