Jimmy Eat Wold / Beach Slang – Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA – 5/13/17

Jimmy Eat World came back to Sherman Theater to celebrate their newest release Integrity Blues.  The previous visit was during their 10 year anniversary tour of Futures which can be seen here.  Tagging along was one of the best live bands out there today, Beach Slang.  Hailing from Philadelphia and featuring lead singer of now defunct band Weston, Beach Slang are a rock n roll band that shows no mercy.  Lead singer Alex James performs as if every night is his last night to live.  Sprinkled in between songs, Alex and company broke into covers by Santana, Lit, and Oasis, which dare I say fit perfectly in the set.  Also Alex read off a list of celebrities that he has been compared to.  Jokes aside, Beach Slang put on one of the best performances I’ve seen by them.  This current lineup and setlist is the perfect combination and we can only expect see more and more of Beach Slang in the future.

Integrity Blues, the latest album from Jimmy Eat World, is sonically different than any of their other albums.  Songs like “Pass The Baby” and “You With Me” span the full spectrum, but how would they sound live?  The answer is, astonishing.  For a band like Jimmy Eat World, having been around for 24 years, changing is vital to growth.  Integrity Blues proves that Jimmy Eat World can change and still keep their old fans and gain new ones.  As for the live setting, Jimmy Eat World was always known to have a good stage setup and the new songs fit perfectly in their set.  The rest of the night was filled with all the favorites and for about two hours, Jimmy Eat World knows how to deliver.  Jimmy Eat World is still going strong, even with the original members, and I can’t see them ever dissolving.  If Integrity Blues is a sign of how the rest of their career is going to be like, we are in for an exciting ride.


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