Abandoned Pet Shelter – Allentown, PA – 11/23/17

Disclaimer:  I do not promote trespassing on grounds that is off limits to the public.  If you wish to visit an abandoned place, for your safety, please reach out to the property owners to gain access.  If you don’t, I am not held accountable for the fines that may occur.

Not far from an abandoned building on a fairly populated road is another  abandoned building only seen when the leaves have all withered away from the trees and the winter season has taken full effect.  The history, let alone the idea of the building is anyone’s guess.  Judging from by the “hours” sign in the below photo this place was indeed a business at one point.  From the looks of it one could say it was an animal shelter, but also the home to the owners.

The shelter itself wasn’t as big as most shelters are now, but enough to house a handful of what could’ve been dogs and cats.  Couldn’t imagine any other type of pets being housed in the facility.  For how the ground is over grown and barely any sign of a walkway entrance this area has to have been abandoned for at least 10 years or more.  Nothing is left of any signs of the name of the business or logs of animals.  Just a few feeding bowls and posters of kittens to make one feel welcoming.

The house too was rid of any signs of clues as to who once lived there.  Save for a couple of chairs, a radio, and toilet among other things, nothing could establish when the salt box type house was built.  However, from the layout and design, this house was probably a beautiful home except now it sits and rots to have the outside elements consume it.

Searching for history on the property online was useless, and for how long the property has sat abandoned makes it another forgotten building.  The future of the property is also questionable, but with the way the area is heading, it is only a matter of time till another warehouse claims the land.

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